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Bacchus: world showcase

Almost the entire wine atlas choose Bacchus as an unbeatable showcase for its productions. The five wine continents: Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania have numerous representatives year after year at this global event that Bacchus has become.

The figures achieved by Bacchus at a national level place it as the best thermometer to measure the quality of Spain as wine country. Denominations of Origin, IGP’s and other Quality Indications Labels become protagonists edition after edition.

Bacchus’ Tasting Panel, a world selection

No wine event held in Spain manages to bring together during Bacchus tasting sessions the selection of expert tasters that conform its tasting panel.

Specialized journalists, winemakers, Masters of Wine, Masters Sommelier, a luxury selection to evaluate and recognize the quality of the wines registered at Bacchus.

Madrid, world capital of wine